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Teachers are Called!

What kind of teacher are you?

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself what kind of teacher am I? When I was young around 7 or 8 years old. My mom asked me a question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I boldly answered, “I want to be an art teacher!” Throughout my educational journey. I loved art. Going to art class was my favorite time of day. I love how creative, spunky, and encouraging all my art teachers were throughout my years in school. My siblings are extremely artistic and they taught me many tricks of the trade. As I moved into high school, all of my electives centered around art. Fine arts, commercial art, and then a new elective sparked and interest for me “early childhood education.”

This was my first exposure in teaching and it married my love of art with my love of teaching and creativity seamlessly. I practiced my art skills and honed my teaching skills all at the same time. I invested in the lives of those 4 year olds as though they were my own. I taught them art skills, social skills, sharing, caring, and most of all perseverance and believing in themselves no matter what.

After graduation, I signed up for classes at an art college. They would ship me supplies to complete my art task. Great experience but it was not part of the calling on my life. I decided to further my education at the local college and received a CDA which lead me into the early childhood classroom full time. I worked my was through degree after degree and loved every moment of the knowledge that I was soaking in. I’m encouraged by the teachers in higher education so much so that I wanted to become a college professor.

This journey, lead me to writing a class for a local University which included my love and passion for the arts and joined my passion for early learning as well. My two dreams “like stars in the night sky” had finally aligned perfectly as I embarked on this educational journey as a adjunct Professor.

As I ask myself the question, “What kind of teacher are you?” My answer is simple,“Called!”

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