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Shelbo’s Adventures in Technology: A Trip to the Dentist

Do you know someone who is scared of going to the dentist? Maybe you have had an experience that has left you weary. Many times fear is triggered from the unknown. What will happen when I go to the dentist? Will they find a cavity? The truth is that your dental health effects your whole body. Did you know that February is National Children’s Dental Health Month? Cavities are preventable. Did you know that cavities are listed as number one on the list of chronic childhood diseases? Reading books like Shelbo’s Adventures in Technology: A Trip to the Dentist is a great way to introduce proper dental care as well as providing a clear picture into a dental appointment and the technology used to keep our teeth healthy and strong.

Children age six months old should visit their primary care practitioner for an oral-health assessment. By the time your baby is twelve months old, you should establish a relationship with a dentist. This will allow you and your child to become familiar with the dental health process. They will also demonstrate an age-appropriate way to brush your child’s teeth. Keeping regular dental check-ups is important for your child’s dental health. The most important aspect of having a dental health provider is that in case of an emergency you will have somewhere to turn.

What if you have pain in your tooth due to a poor diet or having a major sweet tooth? Having a little direction on what the process is when you arrive at the dentist can help you feel less fearful. Shelbo shares her dental adventure at her appointment. She learns that her sweet tooth has caused a cavity that needs to be fixed. Shelbo realizes that going to the dentist isn’t as scary as she had thought it would be. After reading Shelbo’s adventures in Technology: A Trip to the Dentist take your children on a reading comprehension scavenger hunt.

Once you have completed the scavenger hunt ask the children open-ended questions and expand on the students answers. This will increase a child’s expressive language skills and build vocabulary.

This story is packed with onomatopoeia otherwise know as words that sound like their meaning. As you read the story to the children, play on the words by adding intonation to your voice. This will invite your children to be fully engaged in the read aloud. Draw a child’s attention to the story and illustrations by asking engaging questions while checking for understanding. After all, reading should be fun, engaging, and rewarding while educating, entertaining, informing, or persuading them about a subject. I hope you enjoy this story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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