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Promoting Social Emotional Awareness in Young Children

Children hold self-concepts through the ideas constructed by themselves and others. Everyday as teachers, educators, and parents we paint a picture of how we see our children. This might be a picture of beauty or this may be a picture of doubt. Children are impressionable at every stage of life. They look to us for reassurance. At times, they begin to doubt themselves and they need a little reassurance. How do we reassure our children? First, encourage your child through positive statements. We have heard it said, “The sky is the limit!” This is not true. There are planets beyond the sky and many scientists work diligently everyday to share the wonders of the planets beyond our own. We can construct a belief that our children can accomplish anything that they put their mind to.

In Shelbo’s Adventures in Science Natural Light and Man-made Light. Jax is encouraged as he looks in the mirror. He is able to take a stand and tell himself, “I can! I can!

Jax and Shelbo join together to make a wonderful robot. They become finalists in the science fair. They did not give up. Teaching your children to have perseverance enables them to be successful in all life’s endeavors. If they are not successful they can reflect and learn from their mistakes. This will allow them to become successful and see themselves in a positive way due to them never giving up.

Ultimately, you are your child’s best role model. Show them that you never give up. You have the ability to take a stand and dream the dreams and become a doer. Not just a dreamer. When children see you overcoming they will become over-comers too. Remember tell your children they can…they can!

Dedicated to McKeon (Living the Dream)

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