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Extending Comprehension Through Scavenger Hunts

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Books lead to amazing adventures but how do we know that children truly understand what they are reading. Lesson extensions allow children to explore and extend their comprehension, knowledge, skills, and build upon prior knowledge. Creating fun and exciting ways to explore books adds to the learning experience in delightful ways. For instance, when reading Shelbo’s Adventures in Science Natural Light and Man-made Light children are able to engage in STR2EAM concepts of Science, Technology, Reading, Religion, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. Educators, parents, and caregivers can increase book knowledge by introducing activities such as scavenger hunts to expand a child’s understanding of literacy concepts.

Each of these scavenger hunts allows children to explore the book in a deeper way. Children will learn to investigate the books that they read. They will be able to ask questions and further their knowledge of the subject area by reading more books that address each concept area. We must explore ways to engage our children in the joys of reading so that they can have grand adventures. I would love to hear from you if you use these scavenger hunts with my book Shelbo’s Adventures in Science Natural Light and Man-made Light. Have a wonderful time exploring books and build a love of reading.

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